Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare

Millions of healthcare IT and medical IoT devices are used to care for patients and streamline clinical workflows in healthcare organisations, but their inherent vulnerabilities to malware and cyber-attacks place hospitals and patients at risk. Connected medical devices represent a huge challenge for healthcare IT, biomedical and security organisations. They can’t be disconnected because of their critical roles in patient care and IT network infrastructures, and standard IT solutions can’t secure them. This leaves hospitals exposed and jeopardizes patient safety, data confidentiality, and service availability.

Identify medical devices, IoT, and OT systems

The challenge of connected medical devices is not well understood by IT, biomedical, and security teams at hospitals and healthcare organisations due to extremely limited visibility. It’s critical to understand the complete environment. Active network scanning can disrupt medical device operation, so you must use passive discovery. Traditional tools won’t discover the vast majority of connected medical devices, or may indicate falsely that the device is a Windows workstation. Most connected medical devices do not advertise their information, and detecting them over the network requires careful analysis of traffic at the application layer. With Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare you can easily discover which IT and medical devices exist, classify them accurately, understand their clinical context, and identify their networking needs to understand how exposed they are to external and internal threats.

Assess and prioritize risk

Once you have a better understanding of your connected medical devices — and have built an inventory of the devices, their context and network behaviour — you can use this inventory to assess the security risks affecting each device and their impact on the organisation. With cross-organisational and device-level risk assessment, anomaly detection, real-time alerts and clinical insights, Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare prioritizes action plans based on risk impact and criticality. The advantage of a structured process for discovery and risk assessment is that you can rank devices according to the risks they represent.

Secure faster and cover  all threat vectors

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare identifies device vulnerabilities and network-related risks; assigns each device a risk index for patient safety, privacy, and service disruption; and provides recommendations for remediation. Your organisation can define an acceptable level of risk, and the security team can focus on protecting devices with risk scores beyond the acceptable level and apply the appropriate security measures to devices with different risk scores. From vendor access to cloud access, forensics, and virtual segmentation, Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare automates risk reduction by offering the optimal remediation path. Starting from the most critical risks that have the highest impact on your organisation, you can arrive at a quick and sustainable security posture. 

Reduce risks, prevent threats, and improve compliance

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare gives biomedical and clinical engineers the insights and solutions they need to take total control of their assets and sync with their IT Security counterparts with automated discovery, inventory, ePHI and location tracking, asset classification, utilization and device capacity dashboards, and risk assessments tailored to healthcare facilities’ unique workflows and architectures. Healthcare organisations can leverage clinically contextualized, real-time insights to identify and manage security risks, optimise device performance, and achieve the quick and lasting wins needed to ensure patient safety and smooth operations.

Key capabilities

Automated discovery and asset management

Real-time medical device discovery finds, inventories, and classifies every device, tracks locations, and provides:

Resource planning and  emergency preparedness

Operational insights and ongoing visibility into device utilization patterns help you make quick, informed decisions with:

Procurement and lifecycle management

Access to digitized, searchable MDS2 library, plus in-house threat intelligence combined with the power of AI promotes cross-team alignment with IT Security and cost-savings on device procurement with:

Vendor access management

Control over vendor and third-party access to devices on the hospital’s IT networks ensures:

Modular, role-based dashboards

Configurable and modular dashboards display varieties of data to give teams the perspective they need with the right information at the right time:

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