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A Service Management solution is powerful and can help to improve IT operations and efficiency. However, any Ivanti solution can take time to learn and administer. Think Tank can help your organisation get the most out of service management implementation by helping you to manage the solution for your business. Our consultants are a virtual extension of your team to help drive ITIL and tool adoption as well as best practices. We help you manage day-to-day administration of service management, empower your team by providing the necessary product training as well as continue to drive new business processes to maximise your return on investment.

Think Tank Packages are available at several levels, which allows you to choose the best fit for your business requirements and budget. Apply deliverable packages for:

Deploy on-premises or cloud-based solutions

Design & configure ITIL compliant workflows

Create API integrations to your core applications

Provide documentation for processes

Time and Materials

Only What You Need

Time-and-Material projects ensure that you only pay when work is needed. Together we establish milestones and deadlines, and you will receive the functionality you’ve paid for when it is due.

Once the project is outlined and fits your scope and requirements, the team will start the development process according to the workflow.

The Think Tank time-and-materials workflow:

  1. Setting the goals:You and your Think Tank representative will define the scope of work and schedule. The flexibility of this workflow allows you to set the requirements for development.
  2. Doing the work: You will be working with an established team and a fixed hourly rate. Your Think Tank project manager will manage the delivery and guarantee milestones are met and approved.
  3. Billing: Pre-arranged schedules and milestones put you in control of when and how billing will occur.

These stages repeat for as long as you require Think Tank services.

Pre-Paid Hours

Discounted Rates, Same Great Service

 Service hours are purchased/contracted in advance, similar to a retainer. These hours are entered into our system and we simply deduct the time from the remaining balance for any services provided or work completed. 

The service hours can be used for virtually any service we typically provide, including projects, upgrades, migrations, outage support, health checks, and more.

Engagement Models

At Think Tank we have 3 different models of engagement to allow you to choose which best suits the task at hand.

Project – This approach is mainly used for Implementation, once off upgrades or system enhancements. The exact requirement is agreed, our Think Tanks resources are assigned and scheduled, the required tasks are executed and signed off, hours are billed Monthly or by Milestone for completed work.

FTE [Full Time Employee] – This approach is recommended if you require a consultant for more than 2 days per week and working as a member of your team within your exiting operational process.

Adhoc Support – Log an Incident or Request via our Think Tank Service Desk when you need the assistance of one of our consultants. We will assess the incoming call, assign the relevant consultant and the schedule task for execution.

Think Tank Implementation Methodology

Think Tank Implementation Methodology

The Think Tank Implementation Methodology consists of implementation and consultancy services that offer business analysis, configuration, project management, training ongoing technical handover & support for solutions. The methodology starts with discovering and designing business processes, conducting GAP analysis, and producing a Solution Architecture Document to cater to specific customer requirements.


Development or configuration follows and includes installation, periodic playback sessions to showcase progress, and regular meetings with the customer to manage information and provide progress updates. User Acceptance Testing is conducted to identify issues and prepare a training manual. The methodology ends with a production implementation that can be either big bang or phased, followed by go-live support, a go-live checklist, and project completion.

professional services catalogue

Explore the wide range of services offered by our professional services division!

With our comprehensive services catalogue, we provide strategic consulting to guide you through the entire implementation process, from initial configuration to custom and ad hoc enhancements as well as a comprehensive implementations reviews.

Our expert and dedicated team ensures ongoing maintenance, including seamless product upgrades. We also conduct license usage analysis and system health checks as well as the day-to day management to keep your systems running smoothly. Our responsive service desk support is also just a call away, around the clock support, providing timely assistance for any complex or critical incidents ensuring swift resolution and minimal disruption to your operations.Discover how our division can enhance your software solutions and support your business goals here.

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