Meet The Team

Get to know our talented team of software solutions experts


Greg Strydom

Managing Director

Greg is responsible for setting the overall vision and strategy for the company as well as managing all the day-to-day operations. Greg brings an impressive track record of hundreds of successful software implementations. Prior to Think Tank Software Solutions Greg served as a Solution Architect and Solution specialist at FrontRange Solutions.


Raaziq Gamieldien

Professional Services Manager

Raaziq is our calming and competent customer-centric crusader. Each morning he’s at the door, sword and shield at the ready, and he won’t let us in until we make our daily vow to strive for exceptional levels of customer delight. This hardworking mentor to many has loads of experience across many IT disciplines and is particularly passionate about the role of Service Management in businesses. However, leave him out of an ITIL process and you get to see FOMO at its best. And the only way to placate him is with one of Mariam’s mouth-watering Gatsbys, which have become a firm (pun intended) favourite since he introduced them to the Cape Town Team.


Ryan Parumal

Professional Services Team Lead

Despite multiple plea’s from Hogwarts School of Magic, Ryan chose to join the Think Tank Pack as a Professional Services Consultant. He now uses his magic for the good of help desk and service management.


Jean Christie

Professional Services Support Manager

We have our suspicions - although not confirmed - that Jean is ex military intelligence. The heart of our operation and a certified mother hen. But let your time sheets be late and lets just say you may never be found. Sergeant Major, we salute you.


Grace Mukahamali

Accounts Aministrator

Grace materialised one day although we are still not quite sure where she came from. Some say she took a vow of silence and only breaks this vow if she has to answer the phone here at headquarters. Bets are out, but we are pretty sure she is the Stig!


Deon van der Walt

Sales Manager

Meet Deon, our dedicated Sales Manager who is passionate about helping organisations reimagine what's possible. With a focus on sharing industry trends and future technology, Deon helps create sustainable and achievable roadmaps to innovation. Deon is also committed to cultivating a positive work-life balance, and the company culture at Think Tank resonates strongly with this value. Being able to work hard and be rewarded for those efforts has been a motivating factor in their time here. Outside of work, Deon enjoys staying active and spending time in nature. He also has a passion for cooking and loves nothing more than sharing a great meal with friends and loved ones. Deon strives to add value to every aspect of their life, both personally and professionally.


Lionel De Klerk

Professional Services Consultant

Meet Lionel, our professional services consultant with a passion for learning and a knack for complex configurations. Lionel's expertise in ITSM and his commitment to teamwork make him an invaluable member of our software solutions team. Lionel thrives on learning new technologies, and he's always up for a challenge. Whether it's configuring Ivanti on all modules, integrating systems, or helping customers get the best results, Lionel is always up for the task. But even when he's not working, Lionel's enthusiasm for learning never wanes. He's an avid soccer fan, both local and international, and he loves spending time with his family. Lionel's dedication to his work and his love for learning are what set him apart. His great work environment and team spirit make him an asset to our team, and we're proud to have him as part of our family at Think Tank.


Damian Calitz

Senior Professional Services Consultant

Meet Damian, a consultant at Think Tank! Damian has a true passion for his job and enjoys the variety of customers and the different ways they utilise Ivanti software products. His expertise lies in the integration and development side of the Ivanti suite of products, and he is always exploring new possibilities with the move to the Cloud. Outside of work, Damian is a community-oriented person and loves spending his weekends volunteering for neighbourhood clean-ups and community centre projects. During the weekdays, you can find him indulging in his hobby of playing board games with his local club. On weekends, he loves to spend quality time with his family and friends, either going for a Parkrun/walk or exploring the beautiful Bushveld on day hikes. Damian's endearing personality and compelling interests make him an invaluable asset to the Think Tank team!


Etienne Du Preez

Account manager

Meet Etienne, an account manager at Think Tank who brings an infectious enthusiasm to every aspect of his work. What he loves most about his job is learning about the products and working with an amazing team. Etienne has a special talent for identifying the perfect product to meet his clients' needs and helping them manage their businesses more efficiently. Outside of work, Etienne's world revolves around his family, including his 16-month-old son. He also enjoys discovering new wine farms and playing golf in his free time. His dedication to his work and his family is inspiring, and his passion for life shines through in everything he does.


Thulile Thusini

Junior professional services consultant

Meet Thulile, she is a team player who enjoys learning from her colleagues and contributing to the great working culture and employee-friendly environment we have here. As a Junior Professional Services SD Consultant, Thulile finds fulfilment in the challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development that her role presents. When she's not at work, Thulile enjoys reading fictional books and playing soccer, which speaks to her love for adventure and fun. We're thrilled to have Thulile as a part of our team and can't wait to see all that she achieves in the future.


Simone Mosidi

Junior professional services consultant

Meet Simone, she finds great satisfaction in her role, where she has the opportunity to learn new things and solve different problems. She enjoys the flexibility that comes with the job, being able to work hybrid and dress comfortably, without the need for formal attire. Outside of work, Simone is an avid swimmer, and also enjoys spending time with friends and family. She is also a keen chess player, as she understands the importance of keeping her mind sharp and fit. Simone's enthusiasm and love for her work is infectious!


Princess Mashele

Professional Services Consultant

Meet Princess, a dedicated consultant at Think Tank. Her passion for teamwork is evident in all aspects of her work. What she enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to constantly learn new skills and be challenged. Outside of work, Princess enjoys a variety of hobbies and interests, including flying, crocheting, and occasional gaming. Her diverse range of interests and skills make her a valuable asset to the team, both in and out of the office.


Kay-Lee Franco

Marketing Consultant

Meet Kay-Lee, our talented marketing consultant. With a background in e-commerce, Kay-Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role. What she enjoys most about working at Think Tank is the great working culture and supportive team. Kay-Lee's specialty lies in crafting effective marketing strategies that produce tangible results. When she's not working, Kay-Lee prioritises spending quality time with her family, her daughter and beloved dog. She enjoys exploring new restaurants and cuisines, and can often be found at the latest foodie hotspots. Kay-Lee's passion and enthusiasm make her an integral part of our team.

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