Neurons for ITSM

Managing IT services today has rarely been more challenging, and your users expect a lot from you.

With Ivanti® Neurons for ITSM, you gain a proven, robust IT service management solution that transforms help desks and support teams into strategic business enablers. optimised for the cloud but also available on-premises, this fully multi-tenant solution improves day-to-day operations and helps IT teams administer world-class service management for IT and for other business departments.

Deliver More Strategic Value

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM provides enterprise-capable, end-to-end service management capabilities throughout the service delivery lifecycle, from request capture to remediation. Built on industry standards with 11 ITIL 4-certified practices, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is designed to expand as your needs increase. Automated workflows eliminate costly manual processes while making operations more efficient, compliant, and secure. Whether you’re looking for an IT help desk / support ticket solution or need to perform more advanced ITIL service management processes, the modular design of Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is packaged to deploy quickly and scale easily to adapt as your requirements grow.

Improve Service Quality

Automation services enable service owners and business managers to adapt, design, and take control of workflows without any coding, improving quality and consistency of services. Pre-defined workflow blocks integrate smoothly with external systems and data sources to pull in required information and connect to other tools for end-to-end automated processes. Analysts leverage relevant information along with automatic ticket classification exactly when they need it to grasp situations quickly and streamline processes to resolve issues more efficiently.

Reduce Escalations

Empower your service desk team to quickly resolve many more incidents on the first call without disrupting your customers. Service desk teams can use powerful diagnostic and remediation capabilities with confidence. Analysts can resolve incidents immediately with automated, pre-packaged, specialist-level actions, cutting through the complexity and high costs associated with most escalations.

Enjoy Proactive Support

Leverage cloud-based bots powered by hyper-automation to not only free up staff time but also fix previously unreported or ignored user issues proactively. Ease your support-team burden with automatic detection and resolution of IT issues and connect proactively with your customers by resolving their problems before they call. Expedite issue detections, resolve incidents automatically, and free up IT to focus on more innovation while improving the user experience.

Optimise Your Assets

Gain complete discovery and visibility to maximize the performance and value of your hardware and software assets. Automatically pre-populate your CMDB, reclaim unused software, meet compliance requirements, and save time with a centralized view of your assets, relationships and service maps. No more guesswork on where you stand with your effective license position. Know what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they perform for better decisions at any stage of an asset’s and service’s lifecycle.

Provide Engaging Self Service

Transform the service experience for your users with AI-powered chatbots. Your users and employees gain the innovative tool they need to help themselves quickly and easily. Your users can simply have a conversation with a bot to obtain answers, submit requests, or ask for help. Ticket management is a snap  when users can simply ask about status, make an update, or create a new ticket. Bots are available 24×7 and fully integrated with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM workflows to further reduce the IT team’s workload. Expand self-service capabilities by offering your users the Ivanti Service Catalogue for enhanced visibility and access into all service offerings for the enterprise—IT and non-IT. All self-service requests go through individually configurable approval processes, turning requests into approved and documented orders. Easy integration into the corporate website or employee portal, along with full mobile support, means users obtain the services they need—anytime, anywhere.

Boost Caller Satisfaction

Voice automation empowers your IT service team to improve customer satisfaction by handling calls more effectively. Ivanti Neurons for ITSM integrates existing phone infrastructure with the IT service desk environment for intelligent call routing, integrated voice response, voice self-service, screen pops, and call-management functionality. Reduce costs further with phone-enabled self-service for resetting passwords, initiating and approving change requests, or checking service-request status.

Gain Actionable Insights

Monitor service delivery, quality, and commitments with role-based dashboards that provide the real-time information, flexibility, and tools needed to configure reports easily through a drag-and-drop interface. Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports provide a single view of operational, financial, and productivity metrics to help you determine how well you’re meeting performance and business goals. Additional inventory and asset data dashboards enable you to make better and more informed decisions about your IT landscape.

Cloud or On-Premise, You Decide

Built on a multi-tenant technology platform designed for the cloud, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM offers you full flexibility to deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid combination. Easily move from one deployment model to another without losing functionality or data. Every deployment approach delivers maximum value through ease of consolidation, configuration options, simplified deployment, automated workflow system, and socially enabled self-service access.

Stay Connected

Your employees aren’t always at their desks, yet they still need help-desk access. With the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Mobile App, staff and users can employ their mobile devices to stay connected no matter where they are. Allow them to check on incidents, submit requests, or search for answers to IT questions. Make it part of your communication strategy so everyone stays in touch and productive while on the move.

Deliver Enterprise Services Beyond IT

Do other departments come to you to learn how you’ve improved your service delivery? A modern service-delivery experience doesn’t have to be limited to IT. All business departments must become more efficient and proactive by transforming manual processes driven currently by ad hoc emails, dated spreadsheets, or paper documents. With Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, your IT team is well positioned to automate the services and offerings of other departments. Partner with them to leverage your ITSM tools and practices to develop and deliver new innovative services.

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