Neurons for Facilities

Facilities is the Crux of  Business Continuity

In today’s climate, facilities managers need a modern approach to service management more than ever before. Not only does business continuity rely on facilities, but so does the organisation’s next phase of work strategy. Facilities managers spend their days outfitting employees across the company with the tools and services they need to function at their best, not to mention administering workplace policies, building regulations, and government statutes. The scope of a facilities team is so incredibly wide and with such an intense balancing act, they cannot afford inefficient use of time. Because when it comes to business, time lost is money lost.

Transform Operations with Facilities Service Management

Ivanti Neurons for Facilities is integrated with the Ivanti Neurons platform, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for HR — so you can use the tools already in place to help your company’s facilities team make the move to advanced service delivery.

With Ivanti Neurons for Facilities you can:

Key Features & Capabilities

Work Order Management

Work order management supports the full lifecycle of work orders from end user request to team and worker assignments. Employees’ requests can be logged and managed by site — even by floor area. Facilities Techs can also log time, costs, and receipts associated with complete work. Role-based dashboards provide real-time visibility to managers and technicians regarding work order volume and status, as well as site and location status.

Facilities Knowledge Base

The Facilities Knowledge Base powers the employee self-service portal, guiding employees to answers to common questions, policies and protocols without having to engage facilities team members for help. This helps keep employees on the fast track, while making redundant problem solving a thing of the past.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service portals deliver on-demand service to employees, allowing them to resolve a majority of requests themselves. Analysis from portal usage can be used to gather valuable employee insights to improve Facilities services. Deep insight can be gained from both solicited feedback, like survey results and unsolicited feedback like the relative importance employees place on various programs, identification of hot topics for which no content is available, and what programs are most important to which segments of the workforce.

Hybrid Work Management

Hybrid Work Management features support the organisation’s next phase of work, whether that’s a remote, in-person, or hybrid model. Sanitation Scheduling enables effective scheduling of janitorial services Consumables Supply Requests allow employees to easily request any protective equipment or other supplies needed. Extended Location Options help employees request workspaces including specific buildings, floors, spaces, rooms, cubes and offices. And Open/Close Access allows facilities managers to manage access to different locations, buildings, floors, spaces, rooms, cubes, and offices as needs evolve.

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