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organisations need to securely access and easily manage their business data on any endpoint used by their employees, contractors, and frontline workers.

Today’s everywhere workplace includes the use of diverse endpoints such as iOS, macOS, Android, Windows based devices as well as other immersive and rugged devices such as HoloLens, Oculus, Zebra and more. The need for managing privacy and compliance, and minimizing risk are necessitating the need to separate and protect corporate apps from the personal apps of their users’ endpoint devices. There is a need for a secure unified endpoint management solution that also provides a superior user experience

Key use cases

Ensure privacy and compliance in organisations primarily concerned about protecting sensitive data:

Secure business data on any endpoint and separate business and personal data on various endpoints.

Enable multi-device, multi-OS, multi-app management from a single console:

The organisation has a mixed device environment with iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android based devices, Windows laptops and PCs, Zebra, Oculus, etc. Unified management of these devices with different OSs and apps is top priority.

Empower frontline workers

Support the field, fleet, and frontline workers in Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, and other industries who use Rugged Devices or devices in Kiosk mode.

Provide a superior end user choice and delightful user experience:

When user choice and end user experience matters, Ivanti Neurons for MDM provides the simplest onboarding and superior on device experience which improves user productivity.

Security standards and certifications:

Secure and manage your devices everywhere workplace with Ivanti Neurons for MDM

Ivanti Neurons for MDM enables to securely access and protect data across your everywhere workplace. Ivanti’s security approach validates the device, to ensure that only authorized users, devices, apps, and services can access business resources. You realise a delightful, native user experience across any endpoint. Ivanti Neurons for MDM puts enterprise mobile security at the centre of your enterprise and allows you to build upon it with enabling technologies to eliminate passwords (zero sign-on (ZSO)), to ensure user authentication (multi-factor authentication (MFA)) and to detect and mitigate endpoint security threats (mobile threat defence (MTD)).

Comprehensive security

Ivanti’s Neurons for MDM provides the visibility and IT controls needed to secure, manage, and monitor any corporate or personal-owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business-critical data. It allows organisations to secure a vast range of BYO devices being used within the organisation while managing the entire lifecycle of the endpoint including:

Ivanti Neurons for MDM is enabled on a proven, secure, scalable, enterprise- ready architecture with flexible deployment options that puts the user experience first while also maintaining the highest quality security standards. Ivanti Sentry acts as an email and content in-line gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures traffic between the mobile device and back-end enterprise systems. Ivanti Tunnel is a multi-OS app VPN solution that allows organisations to authorize specific mobile apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall without requiring any user interaction.

Manage and grow your business confidently and securely with mobile and cloud

organisational and user control: Ivanti Neurons for MDM allows organisations to implement individualized mobility and security strategies to meet their business needs at their own pace. We also ensure the privacy of users’ personal data while protecting corporate data – giving users and administrators alike control over their information.

Freedom of choice: Ivanti Neurons for MDM isOS – and device-agnostic. Administrators can choose cloud or on-premises deployment based on their budget and employees can use their favourite endpoints for work.

Experience-driven adoption: Ivanti Neurons for MDM helps IT drive adoption by supporting a native user experience across productivity apps at work. This simplifies compliance while mitigating security threats and shadow IT. With higher user adoption rates, IT can accelerate productivity and growth across the organisation.

Enable business resiliency: Our security platform prevents business interruption without being intrusive to the user. Invisible and automated security ensures compliance while allowing your business to forge ahead.

Key Features and Capabilities

Device management and security

Security and management – Secure and manage endpoints running Apple’s iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. Available on-premises and as a cloud service.

Mobile application management (MAM) – Secure business apps with Ivanti AppStation on contractor and employee devices without requiring device management.

Easy on-boarding – Leverage services such as Apple Business Manager (ABM), Google Zero-Touch Enrolment and Windows AutoPilot to provide users with automated device enrolment.

Secure email gateway – Ivanti Sentry, anin-line gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures traffic between the mobile endpoint and back-end enterprise.

App distribution and configuration – Apps@Work, an enterprise app storefront, combined with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) facilitates the secure distribution of mobile apps. In addition, capabilities such as iOS Managed Apps and Android Enterprise allow for easy configuration of app-level settings and security policies.

Secure productivity

Secure email and personal information management (PIM) app – Ivanti Email+ is a cross-platform, secure PIM application for iOS and Android. Security controls include government-grade encryption, certificate-based authentication, S/MIME, application-level encryption, and passcode enforcement.

Secure web browsing – Web@Work enables secure web browsing by protecting both data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Custom bookmarks and secure tunnelling ensure that users have quick and safe access to business information.

Secure content collaboration – Docs@Work allows users to access, create, edit, markup, and share content securely from repositories such as SharePoint, Box, Google Drive and more.

Mobile app containerization – Deploy the AppConnect SDK or app wrapper to provide an additional layer of security for your in-house mobile apps or choose from our ecosystem of AppConnect integrated apps.

Derived Credentials – Support two-factor authentication using common access cards(CAC) and personal identity verification (PIV).

Secure connectivity

Per app VPN – Ivanti Tunnel is a multi-OS VPN solution that allows organisations to authorize specific mobile apps to access corporate resources behind the firewall without requiring any user interaction.

Scale IT operations

Helpdesk tools – Help@Work lets IT remotely view and control a users’ screen, with the user’s permission, to help troubleshoot and solve issues efficiently.Reporting – Gain in-depth visibility and control across all managed devices via custom reports and automated remediation actions.

Conditional access

Trust Engine – Combine various signals such as user, device, app, network, geographic region, and more to provide adaptive access control. Passwordless user authentication – Passwordless multi-factor authentication using device-as-identity for a single cloud or on-premises application.

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