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Keeping tabs on IT assets is challenging  for IT teams: hardware and software are assigned, reassigned, and moved from one location to another depending on business dynamics. This results in one-third of IT hardware fixed assets being unaccounted for, and 53%II of all data loss and systems downtime is caused by hardware failure. Knowing what assets you have and where they reside, tracking contracts, invoices, and regulatory compliance, and gaining visibility into cost of ownership are just the tip of  your management iceberg.

Manage Your IT Assets from Purchase to Disposal for Complete Asset Optimization

Due to the complexity of discovering, tracking, and managing hardware, many organisations today still aren’t tracking their IT assets effectively. In fact, 43%III are using spreadsheets to keep tabs on their assets and only verifying location of their fixed assets sporadically.  It’s crucial that you monitor your assets from procurement to disposal to know where they are and how they’re performing so you can make the most of your IT investments.

Track Asset Availability and Performance

Manhours spent grappling with multiple systems and inaccurate spreadsheet data to search for and track assets—or produce a single report—is time you can’t afford. Ivanti Neurons for ITAM simplifies the process with an asset repository that enables consistent management—from request to purchase order, receipt, deployment, and disposal. It supports the assignment of asset information, including identifying data, lifecycle status, stock, location, and warranty information. The task of tracking assets and their performance becomes difficult as the organisation grows, evolves, or users change roles.

To maintain repository accuracy, Ivanti Neurons for ITAM includes powerful data-importing capabilities that allow imported data from several discovery sources, including Ivanti Neurons for Discovery, Ivanti Endpoint Manager and many more. With this insight you can compare assigned ownership and location against discovered data, report on exceptions, validate assumptions about assignments and update the asset information so that your data is always accurate and relevant.

Manage Assets While On The Move

With the Ivanti Neurons for ITAM mobile app, you can manage your IT assets anytime, from anywhere. Search for assets by serial number, tag, device name, user, or location and update fields as necessary. You can also view a user’s profile, check for incidents on the devices, and apply automated quick actions – all while working remote or on the move.

Faster Updating with  Barcode Scanning

Speed up data receival and retrieval with Ivanti’s barcode scanning capability. Download the app onto your iOS or Android scanning device. Scan assets to look up or modify information or scan multiple assets to update information in Ivanti Neurons for ITAM as part of your asset-tracking discipline.

Gain Cost and Contract Visibility

Providing accurate, timely financial and contractual information helps you optimise your asset purchases in the way the business needs. With Ivanti, it’s simple to store and view procurement data. Open and maintain purchase orders easily and access individual transactions associated with each asset. Roll up to the total cost of ownership to better manage budgets and forecast needs. Now you can assign financial ownership to report on IT spend by department to defend budget spend and achieve accountability. Take the guesswork out of asset refresh requirements by calculating and tracking asset age and value. View and manage the complete list of contracts and invoices and link them to individual assets ensuring that you maintain contract compliance. Anticipate contract-renewal dates with configurable notifications and be ready to negotiate new contracts on your terms.

Deliver Enhanced User Experiences with a Product Catalogue

Maintain a product catalogue of authorized items. See assets purchased or assigned, current stock levels, or active orders. Use the product catalogue to increase speed to provision while reducing service desk calls.  Eliminate frustrations that lead to shadow IT and subsequent asset management complexity. The product catalogue ensures you can proactively organize asset availability to meet business and user requests.

Drive Vendor Management

Managing the vendors that provide your assets is an ongoing process that should include performance monitoring and feedback. Ivanti Neurons for ITAMstores vendor information to ensure you are managing strategic vendors effectively. You can also keep tabs on vendor interactions by logging comments about their service and the assets they provide. View these comments in aggregated Vendor Scorecards on your dashboards. Determine whether you’re getting the most out of your investments or if it’s time to terminate relationships.

Highly Configurable  to Meet Your Needs

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is built on the Ivanti no-code rapid development platform making solution alterations and enhancements effortless.  The hosted solution option includes a development, test, and live instance. An on-prem configuration option is also available.  Ivanti Neurons for ITAM also provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards configured to meet the specific needs of your asset management team roles.

Integrate with Service Management for improved Service Delivery

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is built on the same proven platform as Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. Together these two solutions provide powerful asset insights and automated workflows that enable organisations to gain control of their assets, maximize their asset investment, and greatly enhance service delivery. With Ivanti Neurons for ITAM’s platform flexibility and mature user interface, your employees will benefit from a rich self-service experience as they navigate easily through an approved service catalogue, alleviating pressure on IT staff while reducing the cost of service.

In addition, Ivanti Neurons for ITAM enhances the change management processes by providing clear visibility into the impact and potential risk of each change.  Configurable workflows enhanced by asset information helps to support successful, repeatable change processes while reducing the risk to the business. Ivanti Neurons for ITAM delivers a powerful single asset repository that fully supports both the Asset Manager’s and Configuration Manager’s efforts to support the entire organisation with accurate, up-to-date information.

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