Neurons for HR

Highly Configurable  to Meet Your Needs

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is built on the Ivanti no-code rapid development platform making solution alterations and enhancements effortless.  The hosted solution option includes a development, test, and live instance. An on-prem configuration option is also available.  Ivanti Neurons for ITAM also provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards configured to meet the specific needs of your asset management team roles.

Integrate with Service Management for  improved Service Delivery

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is built on the same proven platform as Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. Together these two solutions provide powerful asset insights and automated workflows that enable organisations to gain control of their assets, maximize their asset investment, and greatly enhance service delivery. With Ivanti Neurons for ITAM’s platform flexibility and mature user interface, your employees will benefit from a rich self-service experience as they navigate easily through an approved service catalog, alleviating pressure on IT staff while reducing the cost of service.In addition, Ivanti Neurons for ITAM enhances the change management processes by providing clear visibility into the impact and potential risk of each change.  Configurable workflows enhanced by asset information helps to support successful, repeatable change processes while reducing the risk to the business. Ivanti Neurons for ITAM delivers a powerful single asset repository that fully supports both the Asset Manager’s and Configuration Manager’s efforts to support the entire organisation with accurate, up-to-date information.

Key Features & Capabilities Employee Administration

Employee Administration automates and simplifies complicated employee onboarding and transition processes with batch case management and intuitive dashboards that prompt HR staff through role-based workflows, thus ensuring streamlined service delivery and a consistent employee experience. Real-time integration with other teams, such as IT and Facilities, helps efficiently provision employees—drastically improving operational efficiency across the enterprise—and employees receive everything they need to move forward in the shortest possible time.

33% Decrease in Resolution Time

Reduced query response and resolution time by 1/3 with its HR-specific self-service portal and HR ticketing.   | 

HR Case Management

HR Case Management resolves most employee inquiries with an automated self-service portal for consistent, on-demand response. When a request can’t be resolved without human interaction, it’s routed to the right HR contact to support task ownership and accountability. One-click limited access quickly secures highly sensitive cases and service-specific checklists help keep track of all paperwork and case classifications. Alerts notify when an incomplete task is about to violate an SLA, frequently repeated processes are standardized, and transactions are documented for a complete log of employee-to-HR communications.

HR Knowledge Base

The HR Knowledge Base powers the employee self-service portal, supporting smart HR operations with an always current source of information and analytics. The HR Knowledge Base also filters employees’ requests for personalized retrieval—by employee status, geography, location, and role—so they receive only the information relevant to them. This helps keep employees on the fast track, while making redundant problem solving a thing of the past.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service portals deliver on-demand service to employees, allowing them to resolve most requests themselves. Analysis from portal usage can be used to gather valuable employee insights to improve HR services and employee experiences. Deep insights can be gained from both solicited feedback (like survey results) and unsolicited feedback like the relative importance employees place on various programs, identification of hot topics for which no content is available, and what programs are most important to which segments of the workforce.

Return to Work

Return to Work features support the organisation’s return to work, whether that’s a remote, in-person or hybrid model. Employee Readiness Surveys can gauge how primed employees are for a specific work model. Requests to Return can support employees that are ready and willing. Health Information can help you protect the health and safety of all employees. And Remote Employee Status can help you keep track of which employees are working remote.

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