Employee Experience through Cloud Migration

Enhancing Employee Experience through Cloud Migration

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At Ivanti, they believe in practicing what we preach. That’s why they launched their “Customer Zero” initiative, led by Bob Grazioli, Chief Information Officer, to test and improve the products and services we offer our customers.

During our own cloud migration, Grazioli and his team encountered the same challenges that customers might face during their own migration process. This firsthand experience allowed them to identify areas for improvement and refine our solutions. Grazioli shares valuable insights from the Customer Zero initiative, including how expanding IT Service Management (ITSM) can elevate the employee experience.

Key Learnings from Ivanti’s “Customer Zero” Programme:

Our Customer Zero program is a source of pride for us. As the first customer of Ivanti, we implement all our IT and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools before offering them to customers. This enables us to provide valuable feedback to our product managers and engineering team, ensuring any issues are addressed and improvements are made.

Through this programme, we have gained significant knowledge about transitioning from on-premises to SaaS. Currently, our focus is on migrating our on-premises products to the cloud. We have successfully moved patch management and our ITSM converged product with workflow management and low-code/no-code capabilities to the cloud. We now manage thousands of assets across multiple data centers using our own Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and employ GRC for compliance, simplifying the audit process.

They have learned that the efficiency gained from migrating to the cloud results in time savings and a favorable return on investment (ROI) in terms of operational and capital expenditures (OpEx and CapEx).

Using ITSM to Support the Organisation:

By consolidating all our data in the cloud through ITSM, we have created a single source of truth for patch management, discovery, and risk-based vulnerability management. Furthermore, we gain valuable insights into customer behavior and usage patterns by analysing tickets created by customers. This information helps us improve adoption and enhance the overall user experience.

The Customer Zero initiative has been instrumental in eliminating potential problems customers may encounter during their own on-premises to SaaS migration. It provides us with invaluable telemetry data to enhance our products and deliver a higher quality service to all our customers.

Key Takeaways from Ivanti’s Customer Zero Initiative

Improving our service catalog and enhancing ticket management are part of the ongoing evolution of ITSM. However, the game-changer is the insights gained from analysing tickets, which allow us to proactively anticipate and address customer issues and preferences. This empowers us to provide customers with better experiences and continuously enhance our service.

Leveraging DEX to Drive Cultural Change

Creating a culture that aligns with the expectations of tech-savvy employees is crucial. We want our employees to have the same level of engagement and control over technology at work as they do in their personal lives. This is where our proactive approach, known as DEX (Digital Employee Experience), comes into play.

DEX involves utilising intelligence and empathy to engage with customers proactively and provide fast, reliable solutions to their needs. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the vast amount of data collected through ITSM, we can cater to the proactive and tech-savvy nature of our customers, both internally and externally.

Broadening ITSM to Support Other Areas

Expanding the scope of ITSM to support various departments brings new opportunities for proactive troubleshooting and empathy. This approach enables us to drive a better digital employee experience by understanding and addressing the unique needs of different teams within the organisation.

In conclusion, our Customer Zero programme has played a pivotal role in improving our products and services by gaining firsthand experience through cloud migration. We continue to leverage ITSM and DEX to provide exceptional employee experiences.

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