Reporting in HEAT 2014

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SQL Reporting services (SSRS) has been introduced to the latest version of HEAT. We are now given the opportunity to create much more complex and customized reports through SSRS and view these through HEAT2014. Some of the Features:

  1. Schedule and email Reports to users on time frames selected.
  2. Setup parameters to use HEAT Functions like (Current User, Owner etc.)
  3. Reports can be executed manually
  4. Reports can be executed from Quick Actions
  5. Reports can be executed to Export as data (Excel, CSV , PDF, XML etc.)

Below are some steps to uploading the SSRS Reporting into HEAT. After creating a report using SQL Report builder, you can save your report as a .rpt file, you can now upload this .rpt file into HEAT 2014.

  1. You first need to login with a Report Managers Role into HEAT.
  1. Under Report Template:
    • Select Upload Report
    • Fill in a Template name and click the browse icon
    • Select the path of report.

HEAT Browse Report

  1. Under Reports:
    •  Select new report.


  1. You can now select the template you just created and fill in the information for the following:
  • Report Details
  • Report Options
  • Parameters
  • Schedule Information
  • Distribution Information

HEAT Report Parameters

Find out more about HEAT.

Ryan Parumal
Professional Services Consultant
Think Tank Software Solutions

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