Unveiling Insights: The Future of Remote Work and the Digital Employee Experience

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At Think Tank, we recently had the privilege of hosting a webinar (watch it here in case you missed it!) in collaboration with ITWeb, focusing on the digital employee experience and its connection with the evolving landscape of remote work. During this insightful event, which gave businesses the right tools and strategies to ensure their employees remain productive and engaged, regardless of their location, we asked the attendees a series of poll questions to gauge their thoughts and experiences regarding remote work.

The responses provided valuable insights into the current state of remote work arrangements and their potential impact on the future of work.

Poll Question 1: Flexibility in Remote Work

“How do you currently feel about the flexibility of remote work in your job?”

The responses we received were as follows:

  • 🕒 41% reported having some flexibility, but with certain constraints.
  • 🌟 33% shared that they have complete flexibility and control over their work hours and location.
  • 🏢 16% mentioned that they don’t work remotely.
  • 🚫 8% expressed that they have little to no flexibility in their remote work arrangements.

These results highlight the diverse experiences of remote workers and offer valuable insights into the current state of remote work arrangements. If you find yourself in one of these categories, it’s intriguing to compare your experience with the majority.

Poll Question 2: Technical Challenges of Remote Work

The next poll we conducted was to understand the technical challenges faced by remote workers compared to working in an office. Here’s what the insightful responses revealed:

  • 📶 Internet Connectivity Issues: 11% of respondents identified challenges related to internet connectivity.
  • 💻 Insufficient Hardware or Software: 5% reported facing issues with inadequate hardware or software.
  • 🔒 Security Concerns: 5% expressed concerns about the security aspects of remote work.
  • 🔌 Access to Company Resources: 11% found it difficult to access company resources and servers remotely.
  • 🏠 Disturbances from Household/Environment: 17% cited disturbances from household or environmental factors as a challenge.
  • 💼 Smooth Transition: Encouragingly, 41% of respondents indicated that they faced no significant technical challenges, finding remote work as smooth as working in the office.
  • 🚫 Not Working Remotely: Finally, 5% mentioned that they don’t work remotely at all.”

These findings underscore the adaptability and resilience of remote work for a significant majority. With 41% experiencing no major technical challenges, remote work is showing its potential as a viable and efficient option. The future of work is evolving, offering opportunities for a more flexible and productive workforce.

Poll Question 3: The Digital Employee Experience Unveiled

The next crucial question about the digital employee experience: ‘Do you currently have one or more discovery and inventory tools deployed within your estate?’ The insights from your responses below:

  • 29% of you have precisely one tool in place.
  • A significant 40% of respondents are strategically positioned with between 1 and 5 tools.
  • A smaller, but forward-thinking, 3% have gone all-in with more than 5 tools.
  • Surprisingly, 25% are yet to deploy any.”

What does it mean that 40% said 1-5 tools?

The fact that the majority – a robust 40% – have deployed between 1 and 5 discovery and inventory tools underscores a savvy approach to the digital employee experience. It’s a strategic balance, indicating that organisations are actively investing in optimising their IT estate to enhance their employees’ digital journey.

In this evolving landscape, where remote work and digital experiences are paramount, it’s clear that a diversified toolset is key. It enables businesses to proactively manage their IT environments, ensuring seamless workflows and exceptional employee experiences. The future of work demands adaptability and innovation, and your choice to deploy multiple tools positions you to excel in the digital age, where every aspect of the employee experience is a vital part of the overall success of your organisation.

In conclusion, the poll results from our recent webinar provide a valuable glimpse into the evolving world of remote work and the digital employee experience. As the majority of respondents adapt to remote work with minimal technical challenges and invest in a diversified toolset, it’s evident that organisations are committed to ensuring the success of their employees in this digital age.

The future of work is indeed promising, offering opportunities for flexibility, productivity, and innovation. At Think Tank, we are excited to be part of this transformation and look forward to further exploring and shaping the future of work with you. Stay tuned for more insights and solutions as we continue this journey together. 🌐💼

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