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Having Unified IT is More Powerful than Ever

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Unifying your IT and digital ecosystem

Following up on my previous post about how we as IT managers can be supporting employees and business needs remotely – I also asked whether your business is cloud ready. The answer, in my perspective, is all businesses can adapt to be cloud ready.

In fact, there are software solutions out there that help facilitate unifying your IT assets and understanding your entire digital ecosystem. For example, Ivanti Cloud accelerates how you can discover data, provides insight through real-time operational intelligence, and facilitates taking action with more automation.

In recognizing the uniqueness of this environment and having unified IT will be more powerful than ever, we are offering businesses free access to Ivanti Cloud.

If you aren’t familiar with Ivanti Cloud, it adds more functionality to unify data, add automation, and provide recommendations with top features such as:

  • Easy to deploy on any device. Users just need access to the internet to be able to download and authenticate. Ivanti Cloud does not require any infrastructure and demands little maintenance – so it can get up and running quickly to have an immediate impact on your business.
  • Integrate data and action from third-party vendors. Ivanti Cloud doesn’t just focus on existing Ivanti applications – it can pull in data easily from SCCM, Active Directory and .CSV files. It aims to break down silos when it comes to data, whether it be for security, system health or inventory so that you can zero in immediately on issues affecting the productivity of your users.
  • Remote scan capabilities and real-time intelligence. Your team can quickly view and analyze IT asset information captured via Discovery as well as access devices remotely for troubleshooting. Data is retrieved from devices in real-time, at the moment you request it and leveraged with machine learning to make it easier to find. You can also configure alerts based on real-time events. For example, Real-Time Intelligence can initiate the Cleanup disk action if free disk space on drive C: drops below 10%.
  • Smart advisors and taking action. Intelligent recommendations are provided through best practices and / or machine learning to inform next steps and how to take swift action.

Overall, Ivanti Cloud allows for greater operational awareness, making it easier to be proactive in identifying issues and allowing you to prioritize resources for your business – which is exceptionally beneficial during these unprecedented times.

This offer is open to anyone and you don’t have to be an existing Ivanti user. To get access, send me a DM here or email.

Stay well.

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