Smooth Transition to Work from Home with Ivanti Cloud

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Ivanti Cloud-connect to your Wi-Fi

Recently Ivanti transitioned roughly 400 of their employees to a work-from-home environment in order to keep employees healthy while still working at full capacity to serve customers (sound familiar!?).

One of their senior engineers talked about the seemingly daunting task but how with Ivanti Cloud, nothing required reconfigurations and the transition was relatively smooth with “No need to punch holes through firewalls, plug into ethernet, reconfigure routers, or bang their heads against walls trying to get their machine to perform at peak functionality.”

He explained:

“With Ivanti Cloud, you can come home, connect to your Wi-Fi, and in a matter of minutes be running at the full level of functionality that you would at the office. Ivanti Cloud abstracts your network infrastructure. You can move the infrastructure in house or on-prem, in the private cloud or public cloud—and Ivanti Cloud will manage it without you having to do anything.”

This is one of the many reasons why we are offering access to Ivanti Cloud for free from now until the end of October.

As we mentioned in our earlier post — Having Unified IT is More Important than Ever 

The full original post from Ivanti can be found here.

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