Maximise Your Ivanti Experience: Upgrade to Neurons for ITxM 2023.3 Now!

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The latest Ivanti Neurons for ITxM 2023.3 release – let’s break down the incredible benefits it brings to the table.
Regular Updates; Your annual maintenance entitles you to the latest and greatest software version, ensuring that your organisation benefits.
Risks of Delaying Upgrade:
  • Complexity and Downtime: Upgrading multiple versions simultaneously introduces complexity and downtime, emphasising the importance of timely upgrades.
  • Missed Opportunities: Each new version introduces valuable features that can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and user experience.
  • System Performance: Outdated technology may lead to a degradation in system performance and stability, impacting your day-to-day operations.
  • Increased Outages: Running outdated software elevates the risk of frequent outages, potentially affecting critical business processes and increasing the need to Support.
  • End of Support: Without timely upgrades, you run the risk of losing Ivanti product support and technical assistance.
Benefits of Regular Upgrades:
  • Cost Savings: Reduced time for upgrades and testing, resulting in cost savings and more efficient processes.
  • Minimal Impact: Upgrading regularly reduces the impact on ongoing business critical system configurations.
  • Enhanced Performance: Enjoy improved system performance and processing efficiency with each upgrade.
  • Continuous Support: Stay connected with Ivanti support for bug fixes and hotfixes, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Unlock New Features: Leverage the latest features for enhanced business benefits and improved digital user experiences.
By staying up-to-date, you mitigate risks but also unlock a world of possibilities for your organisation. Upgrade to Ivanti Neurons for ITxM 2023.3 now to stay up to date, mitigate risks and experience the future of IT Service Management.

To initiate your upgrade or for any inquiries, please email our Service Desk

Release Dates and Support end of life

Service & Asset Manager Version:   Release Date   Product Support Ends   Technical Support Ends  

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2023.2

September 2023 September 2024 March 2025

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2023.1

May 2023 May 2024 November 2024

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2022.4

January 2023 January 2024 July 2024

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2022.3

October 2022 October 2023 April 2024

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2022.2

July 2022 July 2023 December 2023

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2022.1

April 2022 April 2023 October 2023

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2021.4

January 2022 January 2023 July 2023

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2021.3

October 2021 October 2022 April 2023

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2021.2

August 2021 August 2022 February 2023

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2021.1

June 2021 June 2022 December 2022

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2020.4

December 2020 December 2021 June 2022

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2020.3

October 2020 October 2021 April 2022

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2020.2

July 2020 July 2021 January 2022

Ivanti Service & Asset Manager 2020.1

March 2020 March 2021 September 2021

Ivanti Service Manager 2019.x

December 2019 December 2020 June 2021

Ivanti Service Manager 2018.x & Older

December 2019 June 2021

 This information is relevant to on-premises deployments only.

  • Release Date: Date that a given version of the product was released.  For all versions within a given year, those are consolidated into a single line item with all versions aligning to the Release Date of the last version for that year (e.g. 2019.x includes 2019.1, 2019.2, 2019.3, 2019.4)  
  • Product Support Ends: Release Date plus 12 months.  No new features for this version of the product. 
  • Technical Support Ends: This is the date where Telephone and Web-Based Case support ends.  Users can still access the Ivanti Community website to download previously released product versions, access technical white papers, the knowledge base, and participate in public discussion forums. 

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