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Behind the Scenes: Understanding Workato’s Role in Data Integration

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In today’s digital landscape, businesses rely on a multitude of applications, to function effectively. This includes not only traditional on-premises software but also cloud-based solutions for everything from social media and communication to calendaring and productivity. Managing the vast amount of data scattered across these diverse applications poses a significant challenge. This is where the power of an automated integration platform (iPaaS) comes into play.

With a robust iPaaS, businesses can seamlessly connect their disparate applications, breaking down data silos and unlocking its true potential. Imagine the efficiency gained by automatically syncing customer information across your CRM, marketing automation platform, and support ticketing system. Or think of the insights revealed by unifying data from social media interactions, website analytics, and internal sales reports.

Gone are the days of cobbled-together software solutions that create more headaches than value. The future demands a unified approach to data integration, and that’s where Workato’s iPaaS platform shines. Workato empowers businesses to build robust, future-proof integrations that streamline workflows, enhance data visibility, and ultimately drive better decision-making. By removing data silos and fostering a connected ecosystem of applications, Workato’s iPaaS empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their data and thrive in the modern digital landscape.

Workato Overview

Imagine a single platform that streamlines your business, connects every app, automates repetitive tasks, and empowers seamless customer experiences. Workato makes it a reality, not a dream.

This document dives into the features that solidify Workato’s position as the world’s leading iPaaS platform. Forget tool fragmentation and isolated solutions.

Workato is your one-stop shop for:

  • Application, Process, and Workflow Automation: Eliminate manual drudgery and unlock operational efficiency across your entire ecosystem.
  • Seamless Data & Device Integration: Connect every data source and device, from cloud apps to legacy systems, ensuring real-time data flow and accurate
  • Centralised Master Data Hubs: Create a single source of truth for all your data, fostering collaboration and boosting data integrity.
  • Effortless API Management: Design, manage, and publish APIs with ease, unlocking your data and fuelling innovation.
  • Modern B2B/BPO Automation: Streamline your B2B and BPO operations with automated workflows, maximising efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Intuitive Bots & Conversational UX: Craft conversational bots that enhance customer engagement and resolve issues instantly.

With Workato, you’re not just automating tasks, you’re transforming your business. This document unlocks the secrets behind Workato’s magic, showing you how it can empower your team, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Workato revolutionises business automation by combining powerful integration and intelligent automation on a single platform. Trusted by over 21,000 enterprises, it eliminates data silos, streamlines workflows, and boosts customer experience – all without compromising security or governance.


  • Seamless Collaboration: Business and IT work together to build, run, and deploy automations in days or hours, not weeks or months.
  • Effortless Integrations: Connect over 200 popular applications like Salesforce, Jira, and ServiceNow with drag-and-drop ease. No coding required!
  • Intelligent Workflows: Automate even complex processes with multi-step workflows, conditional actions, and secure integration services.
  • Enhanced Experience: Deliver exceptional customer experiences with frictionless data flow and streamlined processes.

Workato empowers you to automate anything, unlock productivity, and achieve the extraordinary!

How Workato Does Integration and Automation

Workato adopts an alternative approach of integration with recipes – a set of steps that the tool will flow to get the task done between the integrated applications.

 In other words, the recipe is an automated workflow that integrates applications to finish tasks composed by you based on its core components: apps, triggers, and actions:

  1. Connect to Apps – On-premises or cloud-based apps record business events. Example: Marketo (Marketing), Salesforce (CRM), Workday (HR)
  2. Trigger – A business event that will start the integration to finish your action automatically
  3. Actions – Set of actions that you want to achieve as per triggered event

For Example:

Ivanti Service Manager and Workato

Available Objects:

Incident/Problem/Change/Vendor/CI/Employee/Task/Release/Knowledge/Service Request/Project/HR Case//Work Order.

Other methods to access the Ivanti Neurons for ItxM tenants and other tables could be using the REST (Representational State Transfer) endpoint or any Webhooks that have been created in the Ivanti instance.

On-premises connection to Workato

Handled by the installation of a Workato agent that is installed on the local network with Internet access which then handles the connection to the Workato platform.

The following is a conceptual model of Workato’s on-prem agent and how it interacts with databases and applications behind the firewall.

A Conceptual model for on-prem agent and connector

Cloud connection

  • Handled by security methods which use the applications authentication API connection with various methods like OAuth or Basic authentication.
  • Workato’s data access is tied to the user’s permissions, and connections can be made within the recipe editor or through the connection wizard.

Workbot by Workato

Workato has invested significantly in Workbots for Slack and MS team.

  1. Workbot for Slack

This bot platform allows you to configure a customised Slack bot, which securely draws details from and initiates action in your business applications without writing a single line of code.

Workbot for Slack includes the following functionalities:

  • Orchestrate Approval Workflows –Allows only the users with proper application privileges. Some standard approval workflows are IT requisition, deal approvals, order fulfilment and vacation/even expense.
  • Automate ChatOps –Automatically connect the bots, tools, and people in a transparent workflow.
  • Connected Sales & Marketing – Visually tracks your sales progress, then, quickly gets information like leads, accounts, and opportunities and takes actions within Slack instead of swapping between apps. It also includes a personalised notification feature.
  • Connected support –Connect with Support, Dev and CRM systems from Slack and experience reduced response time and increased customer experience
  1. Workbot for MS Teams

A chat-based workspace that brings together people, data, and conversation with the tools that your team needs. Workbot is dedicated to MS Office users and allows them to work with all their applications and services from Microsoft Teams. Thus, it ensures seamless collaboration.

This prime AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant for the Microsoft MS Teams is powered with functionalities like:

  • Relevant Notification – Get notified on matters that important to you – so, you never get lost in the pool of unrelated notifications.
  • Know your Customer – Organise the information fragments to obtain a 360-degree view of your customer
  • Proactive Prompts – As the Workbot understands the way of interaction, it proactively offers the information you are searching for and suggests the next steps to act in that context.
  • Virtual Progress Track – Provides automated charts to monitor the progress
  • Customise Workbot – Customise recipes to match your specific application customisation or build your own commands to adapt to your own needs.

Other Amazing Features of Workato:

  1. Speed

Workato allows connecting easily with your existing CRM, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and other apps in minutes. In addition, it empowers the team to build basic integrations and allows them to confirm data flows.

  1. Agility with Auto-versioning

When you want to iterate on the integration to adopt other business rules, the auto-versioning feature in this iPaaS solution tracks all your changes and allows you to revert fast without losing any work.

  1. Powerful Pre-built Connectors

This iPaaS software is equipped with 600+ pre-built connectors for databases, on-premises apps and cloud apps, communication protocols, ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), file transfer & cloud storage apps, IoT (Internet of Things) (Internet of Things), event streams and AI platforms as shown in the screen below:

Source: Workato

In addition, customers (and partners) can build their own custom connectors with the supplied adapter development kit (SDK).

Supported functionalities of connectors are:

Built-in Optimisation – When handling a large amount of data, connectors perfect resource consumptions with cursors – transparently process data in a batch.

Secure Connectivity – Serves as the security agent for on-prem integration with files, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), databases, and custom apps.

Extensibility via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) – Allows connecting with 3rd party APIs using HTTP connectors.

  1. Workflow Automation

In addition to basic integration for synchronising data across multiple applications, this iPaaS software allows you to automate workflows that map business processes. One of the attractive features is its ability to automate complex business processes that involve long-running processes, which demand manual inputs to complete.

  1. Eliminate Duplicate Records

Workato aids you to eliminate duplicate records as well as bad data in the integration and enables bi-directional workflow automation between your apps. As such, you can easily search for your existing records and edit them instead of building the records again.

  1. Lossless Pause and Resume

Sometimes, recipes might need to pause for error fixing and enhancement. With Workato, you can “Pause” the recipe, perform your modifications and “resume” the same. Once resumed, the recipe will process all new events if added when it was paused. Hence, there is no concern about missing an event.

  1. Bot Customisation

Workato allows you to customize your own bot recipes and keep them in their related function name and their own icon – for instance SupportBot, and HRBot. This feature offers great flexibility in the customization of bot’s identity and functionalities.

  1. Check your Job History

Using the job history option in Workato, you can retroactively examine what was digested by the recipe. This option also allows tracking when the job(s) begin, its status and descriptions. As such, you can obtain a better understanding of the data processed by the recipe. When the job fails, you can perceive the issues in detail.

  1. Smart Versioning

Workato’s innovative collaboration feature facilitates simultaneous editing of automation recipes within a team environment. Conflict prevention mechanisms and comprehensive change-tracking tools ensure the integrity of versions and provide complete auditability. Intuitive rollback and upgrade functionalities empower users to revert to earlier iterations or selectively incorporate elements from newer ones, optimizing collaboration efficiency and minimizing disruption.

  1. Audit Log

Workato clearly grasps the importance of tracking significant information associated with the recipe’s security and performance. Thereby it offers a feature called Audit log replication that enables users to track these events in chronological order. Further, this feature eases the logging of recipe jobs and individual step details.

  1. Ready to Use Community Recipes

The Workato platform comes with 225,000+ community recipes and they address popular workflows like a quote to cash, employee onboarding, customer success, etc. ServiceNow, Workday, and Salesforce are some of the popular apps in the community. Instead of beginning from nothing, you can clone the recipe from the community and customize it in minutes. The power of a collaborative community makes it easy to tweak existing recipes. The screen below shows some of the sample recipes:

Source: Workato

Click here to view the built-in Community Recipes


  1. Intelligent Automation with RecipeIQ

RecipeIQ in Workato involves a Machine-learning algorithm to aid you in creating integration and automation. It also blends AI-powered services like Salesforce Einstein & IBM Watson to deliver intelligent workflows. Such kinds of integration with AI platforms make you reimage your existing business processes like intelligent customer service, intelligent digital customer journeys and more.

  1. Digital Native Architecture (DNA)

Workato’s DNA empowers modern businesses to create and use intelligent automation, by enabling collaboration between business, IT and AI. It offers a spontaneous way to create integration recipes and automate tasks with features like recoverable transactions, security, auto-scaling, and governance.

  1. Collaborative Governance

Workato ensures collaborative governance through audit trails, multiple tools, and custom reporting, which makes admins apply compliance and security policies. Teams with SAML-based SSO and Role-based access control allow admins to build a collaborative multi-user platform and distribute responsibilities for improved governance. This proves that Workato is committed to offering reliable and security integration services.

Click here to learn more about Workato security and tools used.


Workato’s iPaaS platform streamlines integration of any app, on-premises or cloud, with a code-free interface. Automate workflows, boost collaboration, and unlock productivity like never before.

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