Empowering Expertise: A Holistic Approach to Professional Service Consultants Training and Upskilling 

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In the dynamic world of IT solutions, proficiency in a singular platform is valuable, but a broader perspective can be transformative. At Think Tank Professional Services, we not only acknowledge this reality but actively embrace it. In the past few months, our focus on Professional Service Consultants Training and upskilling has extended beyond Ivanti Software, recognising the immense benefit of equipping our consultants with a diverse skill-set encompassing similar products and platforms.


Diversifying Perspectives: A Key to Service Management Excellence

Understanding the interconnected nature of service management disciplines and technologies is essential for delivering unparalleled value to our clients. By broadening our consultants’ perspectives, we aim to create a team that not only excels in Ivanti Software but also possesses a comprehensive understanding of similar products and platforms.

This diversification strategy is not just about accumulating knowledge; it’s about fostering a holistic understanding of the service management landscape. Our consultants are encouraged to explore and master related technologies, enabling them to approach challenges with a nuanced and informed mindset. This approach not only enhances their problem-solving capabilities but also positions them as versatile experts capable of navigating diverse client needs.


Enabling Rich Conversations and Meaningful Engagements

The true measure of expertise lies not only in the ability to solve problems but in the capacity to engage in rich, meaningful conversations with clients. Recognising this, our upskilling initiatives emphasize the development of communication skills and the ability to articulate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

By equipping our consultants with a versatile skill set that extends beyond Ivanti Software, we empower them to engage in discussions that go beyond a specific product or platform. This, in turn, allows for a more enriching experience for our clients, as they benefit from a holistic perspective on service management and emerging technologies.


Aiming for Digital User Experience Excellence

Our ultimate objective is to improve our Clients Digital User Experience (DEX). We firmly believe that a well-rounded and skilled consultant, well-versed in a variety of platforms, contributes significantly to achieving this goal. A diversified skill set ensures that our consultants can tailor solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client, fostering a positive and seamless Digital User Experience.


The Path Forward: A Unified Approach to Excellence

As we celebrate the achievements of our Professional Service Consultants in completing various Ivanti Software training paths, obtaining Precision Bridge [Data Migration platform] certifications as well as Workato [Integration Platform], we also look forward to a future where our consultants continue to expand their horizons. Our commitment to a unified approach to excellence, encompassing a broad range of platforms, ensures that Think Tank Professional Services remains at the forefront of the service management discipline.


In conclusion, our emphasis on diversifying perspectives through Professional Service Consultants Training and upskilling is not just about staying versatile in a rapidly changing industry. It’s about delivering a customer experience that transcends expectations, setting the stage for a digitally transformative future. At Think Tanks, we are not just trying to adapt to change; but rather aiming to lead it, one skilled consultant at a time.

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