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Think Tank Development Technologies:

The following is a overview of the main technologies in use at Think Tank:


C# is Microsoft’s flagship programming language and is the most sought-after coding language by South African development companies. It started out as a branch of Java and has been expanded over the last decade to accommodate newer features.  The default tool for writing C# is Microsoft Visual Studio. C# code is compiled into files with an exe or dll extension. C# depends on a library called .Net which provides commonly used programming tools.


SQL is the language used to read and write data from databases. The basic SQL language is common to all databases, but the databases themselves come in different variations like Sql Server, Oracle and MySQL. We uses Microsoft’s Sql Server.


MVC is Microsoft’s most current web technology, replacing the old WebForms. It simplifies the process of displaying data on web pages and then transferring it back for processing and storage.

Entity Framework

EF is the Microsoft technology used to read and write data to the database, so that you don’t need to write fragile SQL in your code. EF is a form of Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technology.


HTML is the language used to arrange designs on a web page, including text, lines, colours and pictures. When many HTML pages use a similar look and feel, CSS is used to provide a common reusable format.


HTML only creates a simple web page that can be read. JavaScript is used to get the page to behaviour in different ways when you click on buttons or links. JQuery is an add-on feature of JavaScript that provides extra functionality.


The old HTML methodology for entering data on web pages forced the page to reload entirely each time. AJAX enables small communications so that small sections of a web page can be updated, allowing a much more fluid web experience.

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