Ivanti Maintenance Support

Ivanti Maintenance Enhanced by Think Tank (August 2020)

Once you have chosen on-going Ivanti maintenance, your business receives access to software updates and upgrades, including patches, fixes and security updates – all of which is complemented by the Think Tank Software Solution (TTSS) team’s extensive knowledge as an Ivanti-certified partner. Our team works across various industries supporting other Ivanti customers so we understand how to leverage Ivanti and to maximise your investment. From the initial onboarding process to opportunities for continuous learning and improvement, Ivanti maintenance support with strategic guidance from our team will make your business work better.

Onboarding Process for Maintenance Contracts 

  • Access to Ivanti community — giving you an opportunity to meet other Ivanti customers using the same product(s) so you can share ideas, request ideas or help, or just get to know others who has similar job responsibilities.
  • Training on Ivanti support resources, including the support portal, logging calls directly with Ivanti and ticket logging.
  • Establish who are the stakeholders that need to receive communications relating to Ivanti & TTSS Content.

Empowering Your Team to Streamline Services 

  • Aid troubleshooting to reduce downtime.
  • Leads to a more efficient incident resolution process.
  • Reduces delays in communications or mitigating actions.
  • Decreases dependency on TTSS to troubleshoot and resolve the simpler issues internally
  • Leverage Ivanti and TTSS resources and skills for more complex issues.

On-Going Support throughout the Engagement

Services ProvidedBenefits to Your Business
Facilitate Escalation with Ivanti ResourcesLeverage Ivanti and TTSS
resources and skills for more complex issues.
TTSS Senior resource available to assist when PSO consultant hits a road block.Leverage TTSS vast & rich service management background and experience.
TTSS Quarterly News and Updates: Useful info / additions from the PSO team (trends, interesting knowledge articles) sharing lessons learned from other TTSS / Ivanti clients.Access to industry trends, Ivanti Knowledge, and best practices.
Regular Ivanti Communications: Product Updates, Announcements, Webinars 
and Interchange.
Access to Ivanti Product Information, new technologies. Creates awareness and understanding of Ivanti Road Map and Unified IT Approach.
Invitation to TTSS User DaysConnect and benefit from like-minded people in order to maximize software investments… without necessarily having to spend additional money.
2 Free Hours per month:

1 hr x Account Management
1 hr x Senior PSO Resource
Access TTSS industry / product knowledge and experiences.

For full details of the support provided by Ivanti — including the custom levels to fit your business needs – please click here.

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