Does Your Business Have a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy in Place?

According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre, South Africa ranks third globally for the number of cybercrime victims, with consumers and businesses losing an estimated R2.2 billion a year. Even scarier, this number is only expected to get worse with 42% of South African businesses reporting they experienced a ransomware attack in the past 12 months – compared to 23% in the prior 12 months.

Our company deploys Ivanti Security Controls — which provides a multi-layered approach to mitigate up to 95% of cyber threats.

Manage Patching and Endpoint Security Together with Ivanti.

Application Control to SCCM Environment

Provide your users with the access they need to deliver your business goals — and prevent the launch of unknown applications.

Manage OS and Third-Party Application Patches

Automate Windows OS and 3rd-party application patching across physical and virtual systems from within the console you know well.

Protect Against Ransomware and Malware

Proactively protect users, systems, and critical IT resources from ransomware in order to prevent and / or respond quickly to attacks.

Grant the Right Privileges to Employees and Users

Streamline the enforcement of application control consistently. Control access based on role, location, and other criteria.

Discover and Inventory Your Network

Get actionable data and insights on IT assets connected to your network in real-time using cloud-based technology to improve resolution times, security and overall asset performance.

Application Control for Endpoints

Mitigate risks without affecting user productivity. Know exactly what endpoints are running on your network – authorized and not – to defend against malware and to manage policy exceptions.

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