The Think Tank Approach to Securing Your IT Environment

Our process for securing your IT infrastructure and to make your business work better is based on a cycle of continuous improvement: Discover, Use, Secure and Improve.


When working with our customers to develop comprehensive security strategies, there are two critical forms of discovery:

1. Mapping out processes and protocol: We workshop with your team to understand current security processes including how informed employees are to identify risk, who does what and when as well as identify how far along your business may be when it comes to security maturity.

2. Network, device and database assessments: We deploy software to discover and inventory all your hardware and software. Ivanti’s Security Solutions supports network discovery such as: Self-electing subnet services, Extended Device Discovery, Address Resolution Protocol, Multicast, Wireless Access Point discovery, Agentless scanning, and Network mapping.

This then allows us to discover existing vulnerabilities and patch them as well as informing your security strategy moving forward.


Think Tanks uses information gathered during the Discovery Phase to develop end-to-end security processes. We then leverage Ivanti Security Controls to patch and secure vulnerable machines; to isolate and remediate threats; and to remote control securely.

The solution also allows for an automated process to deploy software – which creates an efficient process for users to request updates or approvals through the Ivanti Service Management Portal.

As user-targeted attacks represent a considerable portion of overall cybersecurity breaches, Ivanti Security Controls, combined with our team supporting your protocol, has the potential to significantly reduce your business’s exposure to risk without impacting the user experience.


An outcome of the Discovery Phase is your business will have a complete understanding of everything that is on your network and patched machines will have less vulnerabilities. By proactively protecting your business’s virtual environment, you can reduce risk across business functions and minimize the impact of a security breach.

While preventative and proactive strategies provide your business with improved patch and vulnerability management – additional key elements to Ivanti Security Controls include:

Our application control plus privilege management serves as a complement to patch management, with compliance easily visible through easy-to-use dashboards.

The principle of least privilege helps ensure your most sensitive data isn’t breached.

Our device control ensures data cannot be taken off via removable media without authorized access and encryption requirements are in place – or vice versa, malware can’t be run to put the endpoint in a vulnerable configuration.

For any business with a significant number of endpoints (kiosks, ATMs, pay-at-the-pump, fixed terminals, etc), let us leverage Ivanti Security Controls so you can worry less about endpoint attacks and more time making your business better.


Consistent KPI’s enable you to do your job better and with ease. Our dashboards and reporting tools provide you with a roll up view that helps you meet metrics and targets set.

By having a framework to work towards, with key goals for achieving a standard to ensure a breach is minimal, leads your business to better results and safer environments.

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