Congratulations to Ivanti Service Manager on being named an ITSM Gartner Leader

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Ivanti named a Leader-Press Release

The research and analysis consulting firm Gartner has published its 2020 Magic Quadrant in which it classifies various it service management providers according to whether they are ChallengersLeadersNiche players or Visionaries.

IT service management tools are vital for organisations across industries to manage support and delivery of IT services – but increasingly so today (and tomorrow) as we are going through a light-speed technology revolution: from IT modernization to digital transformations, the internet of things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Gartner acknowledges these trends in its latest report and newly recognizing Ivanti as a Leader in its IT Service Management Magic Quadrant:

  • Ivanti Service Manager is focused on driving more support automation for edge devices through a combination of automation and self-service capabilities.
  • It is targeted at intermediate to advanced I&O maturity organisations.
  • Since the last publication of this Magic Quadrant, Ivanti released its self-healing automation bots, Ivanti Neurons for Healing, as well as new IT-focused mobile applications.

These trends inform how IT service management providers are classified as well as how those classifications evolve depending how a provider can deliver its software solutions. According to Gartner, Challengers have the opportunity to move into the Leaders’ quadrants by expanding their vision and by being well-positioned to deliver for tomorrow.

Therefore, we are thrilled to learn that Ivanti has been classified as a Leader – which showcases Ivanti’s commitment to continuous improvement; enhancing its ITSM product with a deep set of integrated solutions for discovery, endpoint automation and self-enablement; and the fact that Ivanti’s newly released Ivanti Neurons for Healing provides a unique differentiation in this market to proactively monitor and remediate common issues on an end user’s device.

Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools

“Think Tank has been a long-time Ivanti IT Service Management partner to leverage their software solutions for our customers. We have done so in the past partly due to their commitment to a strong local presence in South Africa. This announcement is especially momentous as we always felt their products were world-class but now this formalizes it,” said Think Tank Managing Director, Greg Strydom, upon hearing the news.

From the whole team at Think Tank, congratulations to Ivanti Service Manager on being named an ITSM Gartner Leader!

Think Tank is confident in Ivanti’s ability to make businesses work better and we continue to look forward with organisations across South Africa to do so.

Download a complimentary copy of the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools.

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