Skype for Business Connector

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Connecting your workforce, speeding up resolution.

The Skype for Business Connector 
 allows you to take advantage of the powerful collaboration functionality in Skype for Business right from the home screen of your Service Desk or Enterprise Application.

Business Benefits

  • Connecting the business user to your support teams with ease
  • Speeding up resolutions times by engaging instantly to help resolve issues
  • Start a chat or remote session from within your service desk application
  • Initiate an incident or change from a chat session
  • Handoff conversations in Skype as part of the Incident process
  • No more time wasting copy and paste.
  • Dial a customer using Skype for Business directly from your service desk application

Why Integrate?

In a customer centric economy our ability to deliver consistent service on time every time is key to the business success. Providing productivity and collaboration tool to the people that make this happen is a core part of their ability to deliver these services.

Quick to deploy

Get connected in a matter of hours.


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Speak to one of our consultants to find our how you can benefit from the Skype for Business connector.

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