How Can Service Mapping Help Your Business?

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Business Service Mapping - How Can it Help Your Business?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Increased downtimes
  • Unexplained outages
  • Incomplete change management processes
  • Risks from security
  • Too many changing pieces
  • Shadow IT

These are some of the common challenges when IT lacks the visibility to see which assets are providing which business services and unable to know the risks of a change or an outage. Whether due to the increased number of services that IT provides; traditional or manual service maps require too many updates with today’s dynamic environments; or information stored and maintained in traditional spreadsheets may mean your team is unable to monitor changes efficiently.

Service mapping can help visualise complex maps of entire services and depict the relationship between your IT infrastructure, application dependencies, business services and ITSM processes. Service mapping uses traffic information in the network to build a comprehensive database about application services and related devices. Traffic-based discovery will identify devices which failed to be discovered in the pattern-based discovery.

With a clear understanding of all the necessary components to operate each service your organisation provides not only enhances your ITSM solutions but it also means you can ensure critical services are more reliable, more secure, and more available.

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery with Service Mapping, powered by Ivanti’s partnership with Virima enhances ITSM solutions with increased visibility for impact analysis, change management risk, and outage analysis.

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Faster service restoration with instant insight into root cause of the issue
  • Proactive awareness and remediation of vulnerabilities to protect your environment and to identify high-risk conditions
  • Improved risk management to inform priority changes with automated risk calculation vs. informal knowledge
  • Proactive ITSM to identify failure points and potential bottlenecks

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